An Evening for Allan Brigham

On Tuesday 30 March 2021, as part of the Cambridge Festival, we organised an evening to pay tribute to Allan Brigham, who passed away in September and over 200 people joined us on Zoom and Facebook.

Allan Brigham was one of the founder members of the Mill Road History Society and a valued contributor to Capturing Cambridge, the website where our research is posted. Allan was active throughout the city in many roles, but the Mill Road area was always particularly special to him.

The evening included tributes from some who knew him at work, as an author, a social activist, a historian and an inspiring tour leader. We also showed some rarely seen filmed material made by Allan and invited anyone attending to share their memories and stories.

We would like to offer our thanks to University of Cambridge for inviting us to be part of the Festival, ITV plc for permission to use the Anglia TV clips, and all those who spoke about Allan at the event.